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Create a Snapchat Account | Snapchat Support | Snapchat Contact Us: Snapchat is a social messenger application that works on image-based protocol. It is a selfie app in which all your messages are explicitly short-lived and gets self-deleted automatically. The app is a mix of private messaging cum public content. Later improved as a complete messaging application and lets you send messages, photos, audio, video, stickers and emojis as snaps which are short-lived. One could create a Snapchat account to chat with people from anywhere with an internet connection.

Snapchat Account
Snapchat Account

The Snapchat application features are quite high, and of course, you need to get to know before using. So Snapchat support provides guidelines to you in dealing with its features. Snapchat also provides you with direct help through contact us. One of the impressive features of Snapchat includes Story feature which will get self-deleted once after 24 hours of its update automatically. So you will be getting all the details about Snapchat Account | Snapchat Support | Snapchat Contact Us right from this article.

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Snapchat Account | Snapchat Support | Snapchat Contact Us

The below section provides you guidelines on how to create a Snapchat account as it is a mandatory step to use the app on your smartphone or in the desktop version. If you are quite unaware of how to use its features then you could follow the Snapchat Support column. Rather if you wanted to deal with any queries then you can directly get information on how to get Snapchat contact us.

How To Create A Snapchat Account?

Snapchat can be used either on smartphones or on desktops. One will get all the features as of the mobile version on the desktop. However, you need to create an account to work with the app. The first requirement is you must download the app. If you are a smartphone user, then download it from the respective store. If you wanted to use Snapchat desktop version, then either you can create an account via online or install an emulator. Follow the steps to create a Snapchat account.

Step 1: After downloading and installing (not for online), the homepage of Snapchat asks you for Snapchat Sign Up or Snapchat Login.

Step 2: As you are going to create an account, you must go with Snapchat Sign up. Click on the sign-up button.

Step 3: In the next screen, provide your first and last name along with your birthday. Click on continue.

Step 4: Now you’ll be given a default username. Click on continue button and set a password and tap on continue again.

Step 5: You have to prove you are not a robot in the next screen. Click on continue.

You are successfully done with creating a Snapchat Account.

What is Snapchat Support All About?

Snapchat Support is available officially, and you could click here which directs you to the page. Snapchat account is available on a separate website, and it provides you with complete details about its features. In short, you will find all the tips, tricks and answers to common questions. Snapchat support has each of the information from getting started till your account settings. For example, if you wanted to know how to get into group chat, then you will get answers for group chat, how to create group chat and you can find who are there in the group chat. Likewise, even if you want to find a solution for a simple task, you will find the answer here. Even you could use the search bar to find answers to specific queries.

Snapchat Support
Snapchat Support

Snapchat Contact Us

At times, one may not be able to access their Snapchat account, or their Snapchat account would have been locked. In such cases, one needs to verify the phone number, but it cannot be done, and there occurs a situation to contact the Snapchat’s customer support. Problems such as forgotten passwords and email could also be the other reason, and it requires you to contact them. Snapchat Contact Us forum can be done by email or twitter. Contact Snapchat by emailing to [email protected] and use @snapchatsupport on your Twitter to get help. Also, Snapchat Customer Service phone number is mentioned as +1 877 22O 74O7. So contact them at any time as they are 24/7 working to provide their support.

Snapchat is available for

Thank you for reading the article. For any queries on Snapchat, please comment us below.

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